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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

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Carlito Rosadino Jr. Made It to the Mr. Gay World 2012 Top 10

Photography by Ian Felix Alquiros

Carlito Rosadino, Jr., the Philippine's delegate to the Mr. Gay World 2012, made it to the top 10 finalist. The Starbucks barista won the special awards: Best in National Costume and People's Choice. His skill in dancing earned him scholarship in University of the Philippines. Carlito's nick in the social networks appears to be 'Jhun-jhun'.He has tattoos and ear piercings, too. Play the video below. Personal photos taken by Jhun-jhun himself can be found in his Tweeter page, click here.

Screenshot of his Tweeter page "Recent images"

Links to Carlito's social networks:
     [  ] Facebook
     [  ] Twitter